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What are the main reasons for opening automatic circuit breakers?

What are the main reasons for opening automatic circuit breakers?

What are the main reasons for opening automatic circuit breakers?

The continuous or intermittent opening of your automatic circuit breaker means that the circuit is overloaded or a short circuit occurs at any point in your installation. The possible reasons for this situations are listed below.

Remember that automatic circuit breakers are responsible for protecting your electrical installation, not directly you.

It is important to understand primarily which protection feature the automatic circuit breaker generates. The shortest way to understand this; When you close the automatic circuit breaker again, we can assume it as magnetic (short circuit) if it opens immediately without heating, and thermal (above the rated current value) if it opens after a while. Primary subjects to be looked for the opened breakers are as follows; It is the most known and first thermal reason that comes to mind that the devices which are loaded with high current operate at the same time and total current exceeds the rated current of the automatic circuit breaker. To avoid such problems, you can confirm the automatic circuit breaker amperage value determined in accordance with the calculated demand power and installed power for your apartment. Demand power is the total power when all the devices in the house and predicted to be used are loaded at the same time while the lines are drawn in the installation project. If you think that the automatic circuit breaker and lines do not meet the demand power, you should separate the lines and distribute the demand power proportionally and increase the number of automatic circuit breakers.

Another reason for thermal tripping is that the automatic circuit breaker overheats due to loose connections that are not tightened sufficiently.

Common causes of magnetic (sudden opening) trips are isolation problems. For example, as a result of vapour in the kitchens and bathrooms and water leakage into the sockets, automatic circuit breakers may open. To prevent this situation, it is recommended to use waterproof socket in these areas.

A hole drilled into the wall with a nail or a drill that we will drive into the wall surface may cause the automatic circuit breaker to open. Because the electrical cables to the socket and switch pass through the wall. In particular, no nailing should be done around the socket, junction box and switches, on the line following the side and top alignment, and no holes should be drilled.

Connection points in junction boxes may not be well insulated.

When plugs and switches are dislodged from time to time, the contact of bare ends may cause the automatic circuit breaker to open.

Your automatic circuit breaker may have been mechanically impaired.