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EMPLOYMENT PROCESS: When meeting the need of our Company for human resources in accordance with the short- and long-term business plans of the Company, we evaluate candidates according to job descriptions and psycho-technical tests.


Proficient employee is an open-minded person meeting the professional and personal requirements of the position, willing to use its potential in full extent and having established the link between the objectives of the company and those of himself/herself.

Proficiency values that we seek in the people we will work together are:

· Being customer and quality focused,

· Being able to think strategically,

· Being result-focused,

· Being open and honest,

· Being farsighted,

· Being able to act flexibly,

· Being open to responsibility and innovations.

Based on the proficiency determined in the above-mentioned way, the proficiency required by the position and that owned by the candidate are compared and the best candidate is selected.