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Smart Gas Meters

Smart Gas Meters

Our G4 Compact Natural Gas Meter with remote reading unit suitable with smart networks has taken place in our product range.

Based on the vision of smart cities and smart networks, the G4 Smart Natural Gas Meter with RF-868 communication featurehas taken its place in the product range and can be used in the natural gas distribution sector.

How Does Remote Meter Reading System Work?

The remote meter reading system consists ofmeters with various communication capabilities, Data Collector or Data Concentrator as defined in the sector that organizes the data received from the meters and sends it to the control center (system software), and the general system software.

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In this design, the connection between the meter and the collector is made in the form of radio frequency (RF) and the connection between the collector and the system control center is made by mobile phone communication services (such as GSM / GPRS).

Instantaneous, hourly, daily, weekly index information of the meters can be obtained from the system. In variation to its size, it is able to complete the meter reading process in about 30 minutes, which a medium-sized distribution company can do in 2-3 days. The system offers many advantages such as being able to see the instant gas usage values ​​ofhousehold subscribers, reading all meters in the system in a short time, real time billing and remoteopening or cutting the gas of subscribers.

What Are The Features Of This System?

By means of thetwo way communication between our Smart Natural Gas Meter, the consumer and the producer; efficiency in energy sector will be achieved and the sector will turn in to a dynamic and digitalized way. As a result of our R&D studies, the features included to natural gas meters are respectively;

Two Way Communication: The data produced by the meter (such as consumption data or demand curve) can be transferred to the central system with specified time periods. It will save time in the process of billing for hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly data. According to the data from the system, the gas of the subscriber may be cut or turned on. At the same time, mechanical (opening) interventions to the meter, magnetic interventions, removal of the meter battery, running out of the battery, prolonged excessive usage of gas or prolonged non usage of gas will be detected and recorded by the system, the subscriber will be warned and the necessary actions will be taken.

Subscription Management: By means of two way communication transfer of user data, it will allow remote controlling of administrative functions such as natural gas opening and closing.

Safety Measures: For possible external interferences (mechanical and magnetic) to the meters and to take measures against these interventions, it will ensure that the necessary time is gained to inform the central distribution company.

Gas Consumption Level Warning: It provides the opportunity to inform the center about possible problems and malfunctions by reporting excessive natural gas consumption and low consumption when it is below the average consumption level.

With remote automatic meter reading, while distribution companies save on operation costs, the consumers can observe the usage amount and balance their consumption level.

As Federal Elektrik, we would like to emphasize that together with our Turkish Standards Institute “TSE” compliance, quality and other certificates and tests carried out in accordance with EN 1359 standard, our natural gas meters are resistant to all external factors in various tough conditions and can be used in all domestic, commercial and industrial areas.