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We are in a period of 5 years with an international reputation with 1100 employees, in a competitive global market, the uncertain economic policies in countriesaffected by performing the continuous improvement goals a dynamic one, recognize that the implementation of the Human Resources policy. Today, investing in human resources, employee competence, and improving the competitive market, businesses can involve employees in the hands of the winning party willhave in the future will be.

Human-oriented approach, organizational culture, management employees, upper-lower relationships, the professional culture of thought and behavior, in terms of continuous improvement and career to create a better working environment.

Federal Electric staff selection, orientation, job placement, performance evaluation, training, processes, company goals and corporate culture, including values ​​and competencies required by the work we aim to select the most suitable candidates.

COMPETENCY profiling
Competence, the employee’s knowledge, skills, attitudes in the face of events involving the properties. Preparation of sub-structure of the system createsthem.