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In the enterprises where power cuts are frequent, where uninterrupted power is needed and where interruption can cause huge damages (such in hospitals, shopping centers, banks , factories etc…), these can be securely used in order to realize the load transfer.- It can be produced between 2A and 125A
– In the system that is made by using Federal Automatic Transfer Switch there are manual and automatic control choices.
– Transfer time adjustment and jenerator start-stop delay time adjustment can be made in Federal Automatic Transfer Switch.
– In the system that has easy and secure assembly opportunity, in the situations that both grid and the generator run, there is a smart controlling unit where results can be observed.
Standard EN 60947-6-1
Circuit Breaker Rated Current (In) 2A – 125A
Pole number 3, 4
Control Voltage 140 – 270V
Transfer time delay 0,5 – 90 sn. (adjustment)
System Voltage 415V
Mechanical Life 10.000
Operating Temperature -20 ~+60°C
Protection Class IP20
Pollution Level III / 2
Technical Drawings
Order Code: Automatic Transfer Switches (MCB)