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Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker Electronic Type Circuit Breaker Earth-Leakage Type Circuit Breakers
LV circuit breakers are mechanical switching and protection elements that open and close the circuit they are connected to in load and no-load condition, and in case of overload and short circuit errors, they automatically open the circuit and cut the energy according to the opening characteristics and current values . Federal molded case circuit breakers are produced in accordance with IEC 60947-2 and TS EN 60947-2 Standards, in the range of 16 – 2500 amperes with 1,2,3,4 poles. Through the limiter characteristic in compact type circuit breakers, the expected short circuit current is limited up to 1 current range at 8, even 10. With a wide range of accessories, users’ needs are provide. As accessory, undervoltage releases , release coil, auxiliary contact, alarm / trip contact, motor control mechanism, mechanical lock, lock mechanism with key , extended rotary handles, operating extension handles, extension bar, phase barriers, panel frames , terminal covers , clamps are offered to our customers. The product range also includes electronic and earth-leakage circuit breakers. The feature that distinguishes electronic circuit breakers from thermal magnetic breakers is that the overcurrent releases are controlled by electronic circuit. Electronic control is done through the microprocessor. The electronic card controls the operation handle in the circuit and enables the breaker to open. In addition to the electronic release circuit breakers, comparing to other brands, the Federal Electronic circuit breakers are equipped with a mechanical opening device that operates with the magnetic field of the short circuit current, except for the electronic trip unit. Thus, in extreme currents such as short circuits, by opening the circuit breaker by mechanical opening unit, the risk of not opening the electronic card in case of malfunction is eliminated. Electronic type compact circuit breakers have a rated current range of 300-2500 A and a breaking capacity (380/415 V) of 50 – 70 kA (rms). It has been produced as a compact design against earth leakage currents, short circuit and overload conditions that may occur in low voltage circuits. It can be assembled by connecting only the input and output terminals without the need for external accessories. Leakage current threshold and leakage current opening time delay can be adjusted by the user for selectivity in leakage current protection. It has a rated current range of 40 – 250 A and 30-100-300-500-1000-1500 mA leakage current can be adjusted. Along with the thermal-magnetic adjustment, the time delay adjustment can be made in 50-150-300 ms periods.