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Federal Electric has takan type tests tor the panels that it has produced. The experiments have been made in IHP Laboratories and Boğaziçi University high current laboratories by the English Certification lnstitute ASTA observers.
While the inputs and the outputs in the Federal Type Tested Panel can be made over ar under the panel accarding ta the needs of the system, it provides the opportunity of making the cable or the bus bar connections from front or rear of the panel. As the panels have been completely designed in modular structure by means of their screw combinations changes can be made and/or new modules can be added and structure can be enlarged. With their sound structures, they are resistant to the dynamic forces that occur during the opening and closing maneuvers of the cutters having high cutting capacities. Through the bus bar design having low temperature increment coefficient that is used in panels, it is provided the interior panel equipments to have long lives. in order to ensure life and property security the contact with energy loaded parts

Electrical characteristics of federal panel

Current Capacity Up to 2500A
Rated Voltage (V) 415
Isolation Voltage (V) 1000
lmpact Resistance Voltage (V) 8
Short Period Resistance Current 65
Peak Resistance Voltage 143 kA
Rated Operating Frequency (Hz) 50 – 60
Over Voltage Class III
Pollution Degree 3


Mechanical Characteristics

Panel Protection Class IP 54
Panel Inner Segmentation Form 1, 2, 4
Color RAL 7035 (Other colors are optional)