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Miniature Ciruit Breakers Isolators Impulse Relay
Miniature circuit breakers or “automatic fuses” are switches designed to protect the electrical circuit they are connected to against overcurrent and short circuit currents. It automatically cuts the circuit with thermal and magnetic protection functions in case the current passing (in) the circuit exceeds a certain amount or in case of a short circuit. According to the place of use, 1, 2, 3, 4-pole fuses produced in B, C and D types have rated current range between 0.5 A and 125 A and 3, 4.5, 6, 10, 15 kA breaking capacities. Automatic fuses designed for AC systems can be used at 60 V DC voltage per pole if needed. DC automatic fuses with a voltage of 250 V DC per pole are available for needs greater than 60 V DC voltage.
Through the current limiting feature, it is prevented that the short circuit current damages the fuse mechanism and the system by cutting the expected short circuit current by 1/5. In the current limitation, the internal resistance caused by the contact structure of the fuse and the opening time are the factors.

Switches are circuit elements that manually open and close the circuit they are connected to without thermal and magnetic protection. They can be used safely in distribution and control circuits. The switches produced in accordance with the IEC / EN 60947-3 Standard have rated current ranges from 40 A to 125 A and are produced in 1, 2, 3, 4 poles. (Through) the 2, 3, 4 pole switch lever mechanisms, they separate the system at the same time. The product range includes DC switches. Impulse relays are electromagnetically operated circuit elements used to control the lighting system from two or more points. As it is known, lighting circuits in large areas are traditionally met with vavien switch system. However, there are disadvantages such as limited number of keys and high cost of installation and materials. Regardless of the number of current switches according to the principle of changing the contacts of each control sign (pulse), the number ofthe pulse current switchconnections will be the same, saving 80% of the cable drawing and 50% of the cable length. At the same time, energy is not consumed between opening and closing pulses. In the pulse current switches with a rated current of 16 amperes, 1NO / 2NO / 1NO + 1NC auxiliary contacts are offered as an alternative through the ability to add auxiliary contacts. Pulse current switches produced in accordance with IEC 669-1 / EN 669-2-2 Standards have 24 – 48 – 230 V alternative coil voltages.