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Vertical Type Fuse Switch Disconnectors Horizontal Type Fuse Switch Dissconnectors
Federal Electrik vertical type fuse-switch disconnectors are produced according to TS EN 60947-3 product standard. FVS vertical type switch disconnectors are used in electrical distribution for protection against short circuit and overload. 3-pole load breakers which are produced in the range of 160 – 1250 amperes have a breaking capacity of 70 – 85 kA. In case of a short circuit or overload in one phase, the related phase is cut off and the supply of the other phases continues. Thus, it has phase selectivity feature compared to compact switches. In 160 – 250 – 400 amp vertical type switch disconnectors, a separate current transformer for is placed for the 3 phases and measurability is gained for load separators with. Since current transformers are embedded in the product, there is no change in the volume of the product. Along with the customer’s power demand, 2 pieces of 400 A load breaker can be connected in parallel to each other and the carrying rate of current per pole can be increased to 800 A. In this way, vertical type load breakers with a current carrying capacity of 1000 and 1250 A are also obtained.

Vertical type fuse bases are designed to be mounted on horizontal busbars vertically easily and quickly. Body material is made of thermoset material group made of glass fiber polyester resin (BMC) and has high dielectric and mechanical properties. It is resistant to flame and heat. Vertical bases with self-phase curtain are produced in the range of 250 – 630 A amperes and in 3 poles in accordance with the short circuit breaking capacity of 70-85 kA.

Horizontal type fused load breakers can be used as circuit breaker, circuit breaker switches or emergency switches in high short circuit current and motor circuits. Manufactured products have high electrical and mechanical values and are produced in accordance with IEC / EN 60947-3 Standard. It is possible to use the same switch in a versatile way, by changing the fuses with blades depending on the current and load changes, as it provides circuit protection in the desired rated current or operating class. Fuse-disconnectors are manufactured with reinforced thermoplastic and flame-resistant materials to ensure a long-lasting lifetime. In addition, the silver-plated contact feature reduces power losses. It consists of a half-closed structure, a load-separating socket and a cover. Nominal data and indicator information of the fuses can be seen on the front cover. Load disconnectors produced as single and triple poles in 160-630 A rated current range are compatible with NH00, NH1, NH2 and NH3 fuses respectively. Horizontal type load breakers are presented to users with 5 different types of connection, which is a first in the world.
Load Break Switch Load Break Switch With Fuse Changeover Isolation Switch
With / Without type fuse load break switches , are produced in accordance with the AC / 23 class according to IEC / TS EN 60947-3 Standards. Through these features, it can be used safely for switching purposes in AC- DC circuits. The load disconnectors consist of fixed contact blades and a unique contact system located inside the complete unit. With this system, the breaking energy is divided between the contacts. Through the energy division between the contacts and the arc extinguishing elements in the load breaking cells, the combustion on the contact surface is minimized. Low combustion prolongs contact life. 160 A disconnectors are equipped with friction and rotary contact system in other amperage groups. The current is breaked at four points for each phase with the rotary contact system that is specific to Federal load breakers. In this way, both the breaking capacity is increased and the plugs are completely separated from the circuit while the disconnector is open. The plugs that are separated from both ends can be replaced more safely. Fused load breakers with rated current range of 160 – 630 A have short circuit breaking capacity with 65kA fuse. Rated thermal air flow range of unfused load breakers is determined as 160 – 2000 A and its short-term resistance is in the range of 8 – 35 kA. Ease of use is provided with height-adjustable mounting feet in load break switches. The rated thermal air flow range of 160 – 2000 A is available to the user with vertical and horizontal connection types. In the load disconnectors whose short-term resistance is determined as 8 – 35 kA, the fused short circuit breaking capacity is 65 kA. In the product, auxiliary contact block (1NO + 1NC / 2NO + 2NC), terminal protective cover and top cover plate are available as accessories. The terminal protective cover provides a safe seal in accordance with CE norms, preventing manual contact of the cable connection terminals and fuse connection parts of the load break switches.