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Quality Policy

“To ensure life and property safety of our customers with the
products we sell and produce and to be a global
brand which is always preferred and taken as a model.”

The main components of this policy are listed below:

  • To produce all products in the most economic way within the required period, ensuring full satisfaction of our customers,
  • Following the requirements of laws and regulations strictly,
  • Following the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, creating our own standards on the principle of “limitless perfection” and improving our efficiency ceaselessly,
  • Being a team which is open to any innovation useful to its country and world, improving itself ceaselessly, attaching importance to team work, honest and constructive in its relations, sharing its knowledge, modest, respectful, hardworking, determined, self-confident, adopting its job, customer-focused and attaching importance to ethical values,
  • Making our job correctly in the first attempt and/or knowing that we all will be responsible for any quality problem,
  • Monitoring today’s technologies closely and making contribution to products and services,
    Being a company with a happy, safe and healthy working environment where success is shared, contributing to social life and respecting the environment.