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The contribution shown towards social responsibility projects and education by Federal Electric to 150 different vocational schools in Turkey have allowed students to receive a practical learning environment.

While aiming to be amongst the World’s most powerful 10 economies, the coaching of qualified human power is at the forefront. Vocational and technical schools have a great proposition in raising the qualified human power needed. Federal Electric, has donated the composed product packages to approximately 150 schools. The experienced engineers of the company have also provided technical education and have passed on field experience to the students. As the education given were hands on with the products, students had the opportunity to reach and experience practical knowledge in a short amount of time.

Federal Electric delivers their products to over 100 distributors within Turkey and over 50 countries, which are produced above the quality set by the standards IEC and EN determined worldwide. In the year 1994, Federal Electric was in the first 70th list of companies to obtain the ISO 9000 Certificate in Turkey and in the 1st International Technology-Quality and Production Systems Congress was honoured to recieve the “Quality Award” as one of the best companies to implement the TS-EN 9000 Quality Assurance System in their production.

Recently, Federal Electric has visited moulding schools. Federal Electric, which emphasized the importance of this profession for high-tech products, not only presents plastic injection and progresive metal molds to schools, but also informs about issues such as the importance and prominence of the profession, manufacturing process and industrial contribution.

During the meeting with the Vice President of Federal Electric, Mr. Mesut Nurdoğan had given the following remarks, “The most important capital of every company that manufactures is design and molding. We are evaluating every opportunity to transfer knowledge not only to students in our profession but to every manufacturer for Turkey to earn much more. Our product range includes nearly 4000 products; which is used and preferred by 21 Energy Distribution Companies domestically and over 30 Electricity Administrations abroad. While the export amount per kg for Turkey is 1.4 USD, the average for Federal Electric in 2017 competing with high-tech products was approximately 20 USD per Kg.

As Federal Electric has received many “Thank You Plaque’s” from institutions for the support given to education, it is highly likely that Social Responsibility Projects will cross our way. Thus, we congratulate Federal Electric for their self-devotion approach and the investment made for future generations and encourage all other institutions to display such approaches.