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Federal Children’s Festival

Federal Children’s Festival

Federal Electric signed a new activity for the children of their employees. On Friday, August 25th, the children met with big surprises.

Most of the children, especially the little ones, think that their parents go to work every day to earn money and buy gifts for them. Because most parents lead them to think like this. They learn only what they are doing and what they are doing there. From this way, they decided to make such an activity, Deputy General Electricity General Manager Mesut Nurdoğan shared with us about the activities made.

“Since we were founded, we have been at the forefront of family activism companies. Every year we have the pleasure of meeting our employees’ families. This year I had the idea to do something different. The venues we used in our organizations over the years were different. However, we are a family and we think that other small individuals should know where and how the days of our parents pass. For this reason, we have developed the idea of ​​opening our factory to all of our employees’ families. After the factory tour, we would like to finish the day happily with a series of surprises. “