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Federal Electric adopts to implement environmental management system in all phases of its production, from design to service, in order to support and hand down healthy survival to next generations of living creature.


Implementing this system; as a principle, we have committed

  • To comply with any existing environment-related laws and legislations, and make it permanent by preventing environmental pollution.
  • To reduce the use of environmentally hazardous substances in our product, service and activities, by following all the innovations and developments related to the environment,
  • To set promotive goals with the purpose of reducing and.eliminating the environmental pollution from the source,
  • To provide training to ensure understanding and adoption of all of our environmental policy and environmental awareness, by our employees and suppliers.
  • To use the least possible consumption of raw materials and energy and the least harmful production techniques to the environment in all our activities in Federal Electric process flow, from the entrance of raw material to the company, to the final output.