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When fiberglass reinforced polyester cabinet compares with metal cabinets it prefers with the reason of much more low weight and life safety than other cabinets.
Nowadays, many accidents occurs because of fires which caused by electrical leakage and electric shocks. Most of the accidents occur in short circuit and leakage into the cabinet and cables. Fiberglass reinforced polyester cabinet has undisputed importance in safety of life and property. During 2 minutes It doesn’t have electric arc leakage which may occur. Fiberglass reinforced polyester cabinet which is using in production has capable of self-extinguishing.
It has advantage in easy carry and mounted. These cabinets have function of water and humidity proof and it doesn’t cause maintenance cost fort he user. Cabinets which preferred because of stainless characteristics don’t need paint.
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Width 585 790
Height 880 880
Depth 320 320
Base Length 900 900
IP Protection IP54 IP54
Technical Drawings
Order Code: Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Cabinet