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2013 The product range reached to 3.250 type of Low Voltage switchgear equipment
2009 Production of Natural Gas Meter
2008 Is was accepted as well-known brand in the world
2007 Total Number of Labor Force is reached to 1100 employees
2006 The L.V. Electro-mechanical switchgear equipment series are completed by Federal R&D team
2005 Federal Group decided to diversify business. Investment in Lightening switches, electronic
ballast, agricultural automation
2002 Establishment of Internationally Accredited L.V. Type Test Laboratory
1999 Established Factory at 1. Industrial Zone . (25.000 + 7.500 m² Closed area)
1998 Established Marble Factory (www.federalmermer.com.tr)
1996 Started to use Unigraphics Application Software for 3D solid modeling
1995 “Federal ERP System” devolopment has taken off
1994 Federal exports for the first time
1994 Federal Corp is 70th company Awarded by ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in Turkey
1992 First Factory is established and mass production started
1990 MCCB production begins
1989 Federal Elektrik Corp is Established